Basic Considerations for Agents Using Video in Their Marketing

April 7, 2011

Marketing, Real Estate

Video is becoming an ever present force in the marketing strategy of real estate professionals and understandably so. Today’s shoot and share culture is ideal for agents to show homes in more dynamic way than taking still pictures or highlighting home specifications. There are basic considerations that every agent should maintain when using video in their marketing.

Anyone can hastily shoot a video and post it to the web. However, real estate professionals should take the time to shoot quality video that accurately captures the space of a home, the neighborhood and near by attractions.

Consider this. When shooting with a smart phone, remember that the camera lens has a tendency to accumulate dirt or get smudged. These things make images appear blurry and out of focus upon playback. Before shooting, it’s helpful to have a loosely woven cloth on hand to wipe off any dirt or smudges.

Procuring a clean lens ensures the best image quality for your video. It’s important that your video meets your standards when sharing with potential clients. That’s why image stability is also an important consideration when shooting.

While video quality of today’s mobile devices such as iPhone 4 and HTC EVO 4G is impressive, image stabilization remains a crucial component to a good final product. If you’re looking to pan (moving left or right) or tilt, (moving up or down) remember slower movements often capture a space more accurately.

Many people use both hands to help guide the motion of the camera to reduce shakiness. Others buy apparatus’ such as tripods or more advanced features like Carl Zeiss lenses, or the OWLE BUBO that literally transforms an iPhone into a professional grade camera.

Regardless of what attachments one decides to buy, it’s important to remember to always view videos before posting. Often times certain things are missed when videos are captured. That’s why television and film often have multiple takes of the same shot.

While most agents aren’t Hollywood producers or directors, they should take pride in the content they put out there. Whether it’s capturing the features of a home, a neighborhood or near by attractions, good video allows home buyers to literally see what you have to offer in a more dynamic way than other forms of media.

Practice makes perfect. Therefore, don’t give up if the first few videos don’t come out as well as hoped. Using the camera often will provide greater insight to what shots work better than others.

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